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Self-expression through art is both a way to have fun and to relax from hectic everyday stress. Expressing yourself through art will prove to you the importance of art in your life.

Hi my name is Annette and I want to teach you how to enjoy painting as a way to relax and find that inner child in you!

I am a self-taught artist who has found that by doodling, creating, and discovering ways to bring art in peoples lives has been an evolving journey for me. 

I have been a counselor for Behavioral Adults for many years and my approaches always lead to bringing art into therapy as a way to offer a safe haven from the frustrations that trigger stress leading to behaviors that are not productive for positive outcomes. The art classes are calming and offer the opportunity for each individual to decompress from daily stressors. 

In my classes I offer techniques that are simple  step-by-step lessons that teach you how to understand the differences of your tools and how to design your own creative style.

Each lesson is easy to follow and when complete you will have a beautiful creation that you can display proudly.

So let me take you on a journey of creativity that will not only be fun but will enter you into the world of ART!

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 Artistic expression is a powerful outlet for personal and social development.  Arts and crafts encourage people with disabilities to participate in activities that develop and enhance their creative talents.

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What a perfect way to encourage recreation time for your organization, residency and facility. Through step by step lessons and art kits that encourage the artist in everyone.


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